General Office Guidelines For Chemo Patients

In consideration for patient privacy, the size of our chemo room, safety for all concerned, and the hipaa privacy standards; family members and friends must wait in the lobby during chemo treatments.

Due to the chemo patients sensitivity to odors we request that you do not wear perfumes while receiving chemotherapy treatments.

In consideration of other patients and our staff we request that you turn off your cell phones while in the office.

Due to busy clinic hours, we need all labs and injections to be scheduled between the hours of 8am to 9am and after 1:00pm. This will prevent long waits for your labs or injections. If you getting chemo the next day, you will need to get your labs done between 8am and 9am.

You may take all your regular medications before and after chemo. If you need any of your regular medications filled, or you get a cold, etc. Please call your primary care physician or internist. We can not treat colds or give blood pressure medication. You may eat before chemo treatments or blood draws.

Please try to wear button down shirts if possible so we can get to your port easily.