Yes, it is normal to have a discharge (reddish/brown in color) or to bleed after a hysterectomy. It will usually last 2-3 weeks. If you are changing a pad or more per hour, however, you will need to contact our office.
If you have had an abdominal surgery, you will generally be off work for 6 weeks (sedentary work may be resumed 3 weeks after surgery). If you have had a minor outpatient procedure, you will generally be off work for 2-3 days (laser of the vulva patients may be out longer). If you have had a "Robotic" surgery, you will generally be off work for 2 weeks.
You may take a shower as soon as you are home from the hospital. You may not take a tub bath until you see your physician and it is approved.
You may not swim/hot tub until you are seen by your physician at your post-operative visit.
It is preferred that you don't use hormone replacement therapy during the first 6 weeks after surgery due to the increased risk of blood clots. However, you will need to contact the office if the symptoms you are having are not manageable. Your physician will need to decide whether hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for you.
When your staples are removed, it may pinch and sting a little bit, but is not intolerable. The procedure goes fairly quickly and patients are much more comfortable once they have been removed.
A liquid is considered "clear" if it is transparent (you are able to see through it) and it contains no pulp. If you are unsure about something specific, you should call our office.
No. If it is burning, try cutting the amount of Instant Ocean you are using in half. If it continues to burn, discontinue using the 'Sitz bath" and contact our office for further instructions.
You will need to either fax, mail or drop off at our front desk the forms you need to have filled out. Make sure that you have your name (patients name if different) on them and where you would like them to be sent once they are completed. There is no fee for this service.
No. Our office staff will notify the insurance company prior to the surgery. If we have any problems with the pre-certification process, we will contact you.